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"That is cheating!"

For the past two weekends at the 38th Annual Game Fair in Ramsey, MN we had a chance to have hundreds of people of all types try out the SkyRest firsthand.  It was really eye-opening and rewarding to see and hear the reaction of people once they have a chance to sight down a scoped rifle in the steady support of the SkyRest.  The best moments would come when a visitor would look down the scope, pivot to one side, and look at their friends in amazement at just how steady the rest can be, even while in motion.  Our guests also couldn't believe that you could pivot to with a steady shot at almost 180 degrees behind the tree. ...

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The Prescription Read: “Deer Season is Over”

It was the opening day of Virginia 2016 bow season and I had a doe walking right down the trail. I lifted the bow off my hook and prepared to draw.  A few more steps and she would be in my sights at 15 yards—and my tag would be filled.  As the doe stepped behind some brush, I lifted by bow and began to draw, but I froze!  I could not do it! After over thirty years of bow hunting, this was not a crisis of conscience or an equipment malfunction.  Like every summer before, I had practiced week in and week out leading up to bow season.  I knew that despite some recent pain in my shoulder, I’d be...

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