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Introducing the SkyRest Tree Stand Shooting Rest

How it Works

skyrest baseplate installation deer stand hunting
SkyRest cord adjustment deer stand tree stand deerstand hunting
skyrest saddle grip deer stand tree stand hunting
Attach to the tree and assemble Use the cord/release to adjust elevation Slide the saddle to fine tune your aim
Assemble the SkyRest and place your gun's foregrip in the saddle.


Pull the release and the weight of your gun will lower the saddle.

Pull the cord and you'll raise your gun.

Controlling the saddle with your front hand will give elevation control without having to adjust the cord.

What kind of shots could you take if you had the confidence of a rock-steady aim all around your tree stand?

The SkyRest is a lightweight, easy-to-install shooting rest that was designed and tested by veteran deer hunters—to enable clean, confident kills, from shots you never thought you could take from your deer stand.

Gives you steady, pivoting support at rest or at aim

...as it moves with deadly silence along the path of the game in your crosshairs.  Set your elevation with a simple cord adjustment and you're ready for action.  Cumbersome monopods, bipods, and shooting rails cannot compare to the silent motion in three dimensions you'll get with the SkyRest.

Works with any rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader—or even crossbows and pistols—with absolutely no modifications to your gun. 

With the SkyRest, you can track your target in motion, left and right, up and down—and at the moment the target presents a shot, you are locked in and ready to shoot.

Mounts independently above any open tree stand. 

The SkyRest and included mounting hardware weigh less than three pounds, breaks down easily to fit in a pack, and installs in seconds.  The SkyRest is made with rust-free aluminum construction that you can leave in each of your stands all season long.  Either way, once you experience the SkyRest you will not want to hunt without it.

Optional camera mount lets you capture the thrill of the hunt.

Attach your camcorder, GoPro(R), or other action camera with the SkyRest Camera Mount.

You dream all year of having that buck in your sights!  Get the SkyRest, and give yourself the steady confidence beat buck fever and tag that trophy.

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