• You are responsible your own safety.
  • When installing the SkyRest in a tree stand setting  or hunting with the SkyRest, the user must be  securely connected to the tree with a TMA-certified  fall restraint system.
  • Always ensure that your tree stand is securely installed and in good repair before attempting to use the SkyRest.
  • Always bring any firearm up to the tree stand AFTER  you have securely installed both your tree stand and  the SkyRest.
  • Always keep any firearm unloaded with the chamber open until you are ready to hunt.
  • Practice installing the SkyRest at ground level until  you are comfortable installing and assembling it.
  • Install at ground level and test the SkyRest with  an unloaded firearm until you are comfortable with  its operation.
  • Determine your ideal height for the SkyRest prior to attempting to install it above an  elevated tree stand.
  • Be aware of the control cord hanging behind your head so that it doesn’t startle you when you are in your stand.
  • Never hang from the SkyRest or rely on the SkyRest  to support any of your body weight as you position yourself in your tree stand.
  • Never lean into a shot, expecting the SkyRest to support your body weight.
  • Always install your tree stand and the SkyRest on a straight, healthy hardwood tree that is free from ice, moss, or other slippery substances.
  • Remember, you can fall any time after leaving the ground.


Download the SkyRest user guide here.